Meet Margareta ...

When being self-employed is a part of your DNA, you know that hard work and delivering quality are no old-fashioned concepts.

When you worked as a photographer and a graphic designer, you developed a sense of creativity, beauty and authenticity that allows you to flawlessly put together a beautiful collection.

When your father used to be a watchmaker and there was nothing you loved more than helping your mother in the store, you know time is a precious thing and that sooner or later you will have to take a leap of faith to do what you love most.

Margareta Concept Store Puurs is the result of that leap. Greet curates a collection of products from around the world, so you can save your precious time searching and benefit from her personal stylist approach while enjoying a relaxed in-store experience. This website offers you the possibility to shop a selection of products from the comfort of your home.