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Signature Sweater

Limited quantities
available in Ivory
and Faded Black.

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New brand

Ten-Twelve Collection

Based on the principles of freshness and spontaneity, Ten-Twelve Collection is purposed to encourage femininity and individual light by recreating a timeless style. All Ten-Twelve Collection garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners who are carefully selected, with years of experience in ethical production. Ten-Twelve Collection focuses on quality in their fabric selection and they look for the excellence in each origin, collaborating with manufacturers from Spain, Portugal and India fully aware of the importance of sustainability and the respect for the environment.

What you need to know on Claris Virot python

In Indonesia python is used as much for food as for its skin.

Claris Virot skins generally come from Indonesia where, as for beef around the world, python is used as much for food as for its skin. Claris Virot buys them from well-known dealers who give all the guarantees about their origin and the respect of the regulations in force.


Claris Virot confirms that all goods are made from genuine and ethically-sourced python leather, imported in accordance with international laws protecting endangered species, and in particular, ‘CITES’ (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), also known as the Washington Convention.

shoulder bag charly dark kaki gold chain 2
CLA Python dallas belt gold buckle

All Claris Virot products are handcrafted with care and skill.

The skins undergo a strict selection process. The distinctive features of each one, which may include irregularities or color differences inherent to their natural origin, make each piece unique. Python skin undergoes a special finishing process, which adds a touch of elegance and glamour.  


With proper care and handling you will enjoy your Claris Virot for years to come :
– Avoid moisture and excessive humidity.
– Avoid direct sunlight, excessive heat and dry conditions.
– Always store your bag in a cool, dry location in the dust bag provided.
– A gentle almond oil or delicate milky facial cleaner can be used with soft dry cloth to keep the skins soft and supple.
– It is always recommended to make a test on a non-visible part before applying it on the entire product. 


Margareta’s favorite

loghi heritage


The women’s Heritage trainer that comes in metallic-effect laminated leather with full-grain leather details and a special stonewash treatment.

This season’s must-have

nubikk fae adams black 5
Nubikk logo wit

Black Chelsea Boots

Nubikk’s Fae Adams is a new high top Chelsea boot for women made out of high-quality black leather and a lightweight sole.

nubikk fae adams black

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