Abel - 15ml Red Santal


“With a noble history in the home of yoga, Mysore, it’s no surprise the naturalists flock to red santal.”

Created using 100% natural ingredients, Abel’s living fragrances evolve to a unique dynamic on the skin of every individual.
A spicy, warm wood – for the zen warrior
top: clove bud, black pepper
heart: bergamot, ginger, thyme
base: a trio of sandalwood
• Based on a trio of sandalwood – the most noble East Indian sandalwood + Australian and West Indies amyris.
• The spicy top notes are polarising; people tend to love or hate Red Santal.
Note: there have been extensive problems in the cultivation and distribution of East Indian sandalwood. By sourcing from sustainable plantations we are assisting in the re-establishment of the eco-system in sandalwood’s native home.

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